Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer

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The Quantra® gives you the results you need at the point of care to make confident treatment decisions about critical bleeding.

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Make confident treatment decisions when time is critical.

  • Rapid Start
    <1 min
  • Initial Results
    ~5 min
  • Complete Results
    <15 min

Intuitive by Design

Understand comprehensive results at a glance.


  • Dials Display

    Intuitive display is simple to understand

    Comprehensive parameters take the guesswork out of viscoelastic testing

    Actionable outputs are directly tied to treatment options

  • Trends Display

    Easily observe trends in patient status

    At a glance view of multiple patient results over time

  • Curves Display

    Traditional view of viscoelastic testing

    Provides time/stiffness curve as well as numeric results

Designed for use in busy clinical settings.


fully automated poc system

Fully automated system designed for ease of use at the POC; no specialized operator required

no touch sample

Completely closed system for easy handling; no direct blood exposure

critical care workflow

Three-push workflow for operator simplicity; fits in the existing critical care workflow

A Novel Way to Guide Treatment of Critical Bleeding

Patented SEER Sonorheometry uses novel ultrasound technology to measure changes in viscoelasticity.


Key Features

  • No pipetting
  • Insensitive to vibration
  • High correlation with standard laboratory & other viscoelastic tests
  • Excellent precision (CV≤8%)
  • IEC 61010-1:2010 compliant

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Comprehensive Internal QC

The Quantra system automatically runs internal QC every 8 hours and with every test.

No need to run QC prior to use

On-Demand Internal QC Report Available

Expandable Platform



quantra hemostasis analyzer cartridge

Remote Data Management

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device accessories

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The Quantra System is CE Marked and now commercially available in select markets outside of the US.* Learn More