Sonic Estimation of Elasticity via Resonance (SEER)

The Quantra® System is based on a patented technology called SEER (Sonic Estimation of Elasticity via Resonance) Sonorheometry.
SEER uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to measure clot stiffness (shear modulus of elasticity) over time using ultrasound-induced resonance.

Data Acquisition

Ultrasound pulses are sent into the blood sample to induce resonance, causing the sample to oscillate.

Displacement Estimation

As the blood coagulates over time and its stiffness increases, the frequency of oscillation will also increase.

Clot Time and Clot Stiffness Measurement

Clot times and clot stiffness values are measured from the evolving shear modulus.

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Benefits of SEER Sonorheometry


Innovative Technology

SEER (Ultrasound)

No disruption of clots during measurement
  • Robust to vibration
  • Sensitive to soft clots
  • Closed system

Accurate Measurement Method

Shear Modulus (hPa)

True measure of mechanical properties; Accurate assessment of platelet and fibrinogen contribution to clot stiffness
  • Accurate results
  • Novel information

Innovative Design

Comprehensive, automatic internal QC; Designed for the POC; Fully automated
  • Reliable results
  • Excellent precision
  • Small footprint

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