Honored by Fast Company in the medical device category for its easy-to-operate Quantra® Hemostasis System that provides fast, comprehensive whole-blood coagulation analysis at the point of care, HemoSonics joins Abbott, Amgen, Bristol Myers Squib, Novartis, Scopio Labs and others as the recipient of this prestigious award

DURHAM, NC March 20, 2024 HemoSonics, a medical device company focused on acute bleeding management, today announced it has been named to the prestigious list of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for 2024. The annual Fast Company flagship awards spotlight companies at the forefront of their respective industries and recognize organizations and products that are transforming industries through their innovations, setting new standards, and achieving remarkable milestones that are moving the world forward. HemoSonics joins previous Fast Company Most Innovative Company winners, including Abbott, Bristol Myers Squib, Novartis, Amgen, Scopio Labs and others.

“We are honored to be recognized by Fast Company for our groundbreaking Quantra Hemostasis System, which provides comprehensive whole-blood coagulation analysis at the point of care in less than 15 minutes,” said HemoSonics CEO and President, Bob Roda. “Blood is a precious, critical resource. The Quantra Hemostasis System can minimize the use of generic transfusion regimens in massive hemorrhages that result in some patients being over-treated and others inadequately supported. Our data-driven approach and point-of-care technology enable clinicians to make better and more informed blood transfusion decisions, make transfusions safer and improve patient outcomes, and reduce the waste of blood, which can be preserved for other patients in critical need.”

HemoSonics’ Quantra Hemostasis System consists of the Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer with QPlus® and QStat® Cartridges, which enable clinicians to deliver patient-centered coagulation therapy that improves care and optimizes blood product usage. HemoSonics’ Quantra System has the broadest range of FDA-cleared clinical indications of any viscoelastic testing analyzer. The Quantra System is FDA-cleared for use in point-of-care settings such as operating rooms, intensive care units, and hospital laboratories, enabling hospitals to standardize its use institution-wide.

The Quantra System allows for individualized medicine by informing the decision to give a patient only the blood products that they need. The Quantra System requires minimal resources to maintain, is easy to operate and interpret, and provides fast, comprehensive whole-blood coagulation analysis at the point of care or in laboratory-based settings, typically in less than 15 minutes.

The World’s Most Innovative Companies is Fast Company’s hallmark franchise and one of the year’s most anticipated awards for groundbreaking innovations. Fast Company’s editorial team identified the 2024 Most Innovative Companies driving progress worldwide and across industries, evaluating thousands of submissions through a competitive application process. The result is a globe-spanning guide to innovation today, from early-stage startups to some of the world’s most valuable companies.

“Our list of the Most Innovative Companies (MIC) is both a comprehensive look at the innovation economy and a snapshot of the business trends that defined the year,” said Fast Company editor-in-chief Brendan Vaughan. “We saw extraordinary innovation across the board in 2023, but we also saw a handful of clear patterns: the growing footprint and impact of AI, the triumphant return of live events, and great leaps forward in climate tech. We face daunting challenges on many fronts, but the solutions we celebrate in Most Innovative Companies give me plenty of hope about the future.”

About HemoSonics:

HemoSonics, LLC is a medical device technology company focused on acute bleeding management, resulting in better patient care and lower overall medical costs. The Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer, HemoSonics’ flagship product, is designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by providing optimized coagulation information. The Quantra System’s easy and fast interpretation enables simple, more efficient point-of-care and laboratory bleeding management. Based in Durham, NC, HemoSonics is part of the Stago Group, a leading in vitro diagnostics company dedicated to exploring thrombosis and hemostasis. Visit HemoSonics.com to learn more.

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