hemosonics cartridge


Comprehensive measurement of the treatable aspects of critical bleeding.


Enables assessment of treatable components of surgical bleeding.

in vitro

Use to assess coagulation state in surgical procedures associated with high bleeding risk (pre-, intra- and post-operative/ICU).

3ml sample

Runs 4 tests simultaneously; provides 6 actionable results.

rapid results

Rapid start: <1 minute; initial results in ~5 minutes; complete results in <15 minutes.

qplus cartridge

The QPlus Cartridge is a multi-channel cartridge to be used with the Quantra® Hemostasis Analyzer.


Rapidly Identifies:

  • Clot initiation defects
  • Heparin influence
  • Fibrinogen contribution to clot stiffness
  • Platelet contribution to clot stiffness

Indications for Use

The QPlus Cartridge is indicated for use with patients 18 years of age or older where an evaluation of their blood coagulation properties is desired. Coagulation evaluations are commonly used to assess clinical conditions in surgery (e.g. cardiovascular and orthopedic surgeries) to assess risk of hemorrhage and thrombosis before, during, and following the procedure.*

hemosonics quantra hemostasis analyzer qplus analyzer

Specifically designed to aid in the management of critical bleeding when time matters.

  • Intended for in vitro diagnostic use to provide indications of the coagulation state of a whole blood sample.
  • Requires a sample of 3mL or more of citrated whole blood collected in an evacuated tube containing 3.2% sodium citrate.
 *The Quantra System is CE marked. Product availability is subject to the fulfillment of regulatory requirements in each market. In the United States, the Quantra System is available for investigational use only.

QPlus Cartridge Measurements

Channel Parameter Measurement Reagents
1 Clot time (sec) Clot time in citrated whole blood Kaolin, calcium, buffers and stabilizers
2 Heparinase Clot time (sec) Clot time in citrated whole blood with heparin neutralization Kaolin, heparinase, calcium, buffers and stabilizers
3 Clot stiffness (hPa) Stiffness of the whole blood clot Thromboplastin, polybrene, calcium, buffers and stabilizers
4 Fibrinogen Contribution to Clot stiffness (hPa) Contribution of fibrinogen to overall clot stiffness Thromboplastin, polybrene, abciximab, calcium, buffers and stabilizers
Calculated Platelet Contribution to Clot stiffness (hPa) Contribution of platelet activity to overall clot stiffness Derived from subtraction of the max clot stiffness values from Channels #3 and #4
Calculated Clot Time Ratio Qualitative assessment of heparin anticoagulation Relative change of clot times calculated from Channels #1 and #2


Expandable Platform


Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer

quantra hemostasis analyzer

Remote Data Management

quantra diagnostics display


quantra device accessories

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