In the recent Forbes article, Jennifer Kite-Powell illuminates the critical U.S. blood shortage crisis, highlighting its impact on patient care.

Facing unprecedented challenges with dwindling donors, the global patient blood management market, valued at $12.7 billion, calls for innovative solutions. HemoSonics, a leader in medical devices, responds with the Quantra Hemostasis System. Dr. Bruce Spiess, HemoSonics’ Medical Director, emphasizes its pivotal role amid reduced donations due to COVID-19. Quantra’s data-driven approach empowers clinicians, reducing over-transfusions and optimizing patient outcomes in real-time.

Innovative ultrasound technology offers unique insights into blood characteristics, aiding timely clinical decisions. FDA-cleared for cardiovascular, major orthopedic, trauma, and liver transplantation, Quantra stands out as a crucial solution.

Implementing technologies like Quantra and adopting Patient Blood Management practices can significantly preserve blood supplies during crises.

For more details, read the full Forbes article here: There’s A Blood Shortage. New Device Helps Conserve Scarce Supplies