Quantra® Hemostasis System Provides a Fast, Easy, & Reliable Whole Blood Hemostasis Testing for Point of Care Viscoelastic Testing

LABORATORY Bleeding Patients Need Targeted Therapy-FAST Your Laboratory is Integral to Patient Care The Quantra® Hemostasis System provides a FAST, EASY, and RELIABLE whole blood hemostasis platform. FAST When bleeding patients need targeted therapy, they need it FAST. Complete QPlus® cartridge results typically in ~12.5 minutes(1) Complete QStat® cartridge lysis results on average in 44 […]

Quantra® Desktop Remote Viewer, Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer

Quantra® Desktop Remote Viewer Quantra Desktop Remote Viewer (QDRV) is a PC application that allows you to see near real-time screens of any Quantra analyzer in your network. Get whole-blood viscoelastic hemostasis results wherever you are, whenever you need them! DIALS CURVES HISTORY Key Features and Benefits Get Actionable Information Quickly: Remotely view accurate live […]

QPlus® Cartridge for Cardiovascular & Major Orthopedic Surgery for Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer

Cardiovascular and Major Orthopedic Surgery QPlus Cartridge time to results: Clot time (CT) Heparinase clot time (CTH) Clot time ratio (CTR) Clot stiffness (CS) Platelet contribution to CS (PCS) Fibrinogen contribution to CS (FCS) Complete results typically 15 minutes or less Complete results typically 15 minutes or less INTUITIVE BY DESIGN Understand comprehensive results at […]

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Contact HemoSonics Have questions or want more information? Reach out to our team today. Order Information For existing customers orders@hemosonics.com Customer Support Contact HemoSonics support via: +1.800.280.5589 support@hemosonics.com Request a Demo Request Information × REQUEST A DEMO

HemoSonics Management Team

Our Management Team We have a proven track record of success in technology discovery, device development, FDA approval and commercialization. Bob Roda, President and Chief Executive Officer Robert A. Roda (Bob) joined HemoSonics in February 2020 as the company’s President and CEO, bringing more than 25 years of global experience developing and commercializing innovative diagnostic […]

About HemoSonics, a Stago Group Company

Transforming the Management of Bleeding and Clotting Our goal is to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by enabling more targeted transfusion of blood products. Our Mission To deliver clinical tools that provide actionable information in the acute care setting resulting in better care for patients and lower overall medical costs while creating value for […]

QStat® Cartridge for Trauma and Liver Transplantation for Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer

Trauma(1,4,9) Liver Transplantation(1,9) Trauma Liver Transplantation The fully sealed, room-temperature stable cartridge performs multiple tests simultaneously QStat Cartridge test parameters(9) CT: Clot time Results in ~ 5 minutes(2) CS: Clot stiffness PCS: Platelet contribution to clot stiffness FCS: Fibrinogen contribution to clot stiffness Results in ~ 12.5 minutes(2) CSL: Clot stability to lysis Lysis results […]

Quantra QPlus® System, Blood Coagulation Analyzer, SEER Sonorheometry

Quantra® Hemostasis Analyzer A New Way to Look at Coagulation Patented SEER Sonorheometry uses novel ultrasound technology to measure viscoelasticity of a whole blood sample. Key Features No pipetting Robust to vibration Strong correlation with standard laboratory & other viscoelastic tests Excellent precision Intended for use in point-of-care (POC) or in clinical laboratory settings Learn […]