Remote Data Management
hemosonics remote data management solutions

Remote Data Management Solutions

See Quantra® results from anywhere in the hospital.


The Desktop Remote Viewer

The Remote Viewer allows clinicians to view real-time and historical patient results outside of the Point of Care.
remote viewer

View all screens from any networked instrument remotely:

remote viewer dials display


remote viewer curves display


remote viewer trends display


Network Connectivity

The Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer is compatible with hospital laboratory information systems (LIS) and standard middleware providers.

  • Standard interface messaging integrated into the Quantra (POCT1A2 Compatible)
  • No need to post-process the results
  • Interface that adheres to CLSI LIS02-A2
  • Interface that adheres to CLSI POCT01-A2
  • Connects directly to LIS or via common middleware

Drivers exist for connectivity with standard middleware providers, including:



Expandable Platform


Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer

quantra hemostasis analyzer


quantra cartridges


quantra device accessories

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