HemoSonics Adds Remote Viewer to its Quantra® QPlus® System, Bringing Rapid Results to Clinicians Anywhere in the Hospital

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September 10, 2020

HemoSonics Adds Remote Viewer to its Quantra® QPlus® System, Bringing Rapid Results to Clinicians Anywhere in the Hospital

Charlottesville, VA – September 10, 2020 – HemoSonics announced today that its Quantra Desktop Remote Viewer Software (QDRV) has received a 510(k) clearance from the FDA. The QDRV enables remote access to its flagship product, the Quantra QPlus System. The Quantra System provides rapid, actionable coagulation results at the point of care – now viewable from anywhere in the hospital, giving clinicians the opportunity to make informed bleeding management decisions when time is critical.

Based on an innovative ultrasound technology (SEER – Sonic Evaluation of Elasticity via Resonance), the Quantra System is revolutionizing point-of-care viscoelastic testing (VET) efficiency by combining rapid results, ease of interpretation, and simple intuitive operation. The Quantra Desktop Remote Viewer is a PC application that allows clinicians to see near real-time screens of any Quantra analyzer in their network. 

“Managing acute bleeding in perioperative situations is a team effort, requiring rapid, accurate hemostasis results,” said Bob Roda, President and Chief Executive Officer of HemoSonics. “The Quantra Desktop Remote Viewer enhances the revolutionary point-of-care efficiency of the Quantra System, allowing secure and rapid access to results regardless of where the instrument is located – in the operating room, ICU, or laboratory.”

Key Benefits and Features of the Quantra Remote Viewer

  • Support patient blood management initiatives with widespread access to results and assist clinicians in their strategies to optimize blood product utilization.
  • Get Actionable Information Quickly: Remotely view accurate live and historical whole blood coagulation information from any networked Quantra analyzer. View easy-to-interpret Quantra dials, trends, and curve screens, and history for all tests per device.
  • Go Organization-Wide: Display on monitors in your operating room, or on Windows® workstations facility-wide.
  • Simplify Data Collection: Export results (screens and case history) easily within your secure network; facilitate clinical research and peer review.
  • Hospital-Grade Encryption and Security; meets HIPAA/HITECH requirements.


The Quantra QPlus System, comprising a Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer, QPlus cartridge, Level 1 and 2 Quality Controls, and now QDRV, is cleared for sale in the United States. The Quantra System and its QPlus and QStat™ cartridges, respective quality controls, and QDRV software are commercially available in Europe and select countries worldwide. In the United States, the QStat Cartridge is available for investigational use only.

About HemoSonics

HemoSonics is a medical device company with the primary mission to deliver clinical tools that provide actionable information in critical care settings, resulting in better care for patients and lower overall medical costs.

The Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer, the flagship product of HemoSonics, is designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by providing unique and optimized coagulation information, for easy and fast interpretation and simple, more efficient point-of-care bleeding management workflows.

HemoSonics is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, with research, development and manufacturing facilities in Durham, NC. For more information, visit www.hemosonics.com.

HemoSonics is part of the Stago group, a leading company in the in vitro Diagnostics industry dedicated to the exploration of thrombosis and hemostasis.

For more information, please contact:

Janna Badalian
Manager, Marketing Communications
(919) 386-3186

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