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The Quantra™ system provides rapid, comprehensive measurement of vital coagulation parameters at the point of care, enabling clinicians to choose the right treatment at the right time.

Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer

Actionable Results in the Critical Care Setting

The Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer is a rapid, easy-to-use diagnostic instrument that utilizes consumable cartridges to run a panel of tests. The initial QPlus™ cartridge (formally called the Surgical Cartridge) measures the treatable aspects of hemostasis in 15 minutes, achieving the goal of the STS/SCA guidelines.

The Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer is:

Fast checkmarkFull results in 15 minutes
Comprehensive checkmarkMeasures the treatable aspects of coagulation
Easy To Use checkmarkCompletely automated system with easy to understand outputs
Point of Care checkmarkTabletop instrument designed for use in the OR, ICU and other critical care settings

The Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer provides clinicians with the information they need to make more rapid and targeted transfusion decisions.

Studies show that use of comprehensive point-of-care coagulation testing in surgical settings leads to:


Improved clinical outcomes

  • Reduced transfusions
  • Fewer complications

Reduced cost of care

  • Lower blood product utilization
  • Shorter inpatient stays


The Quantra is a flexible platform on which a variety of assays can be run. The consumable cartridge has multiple wells in which any dried reagent can be placed, enabling rapid development of new assays. We are developing a growing library of cartridges that address various aspects of coagulation.

QPlus™ Cartridge

Our initial QPlus Cartridge (formerly the Surgical Cartridge) measures the functional activity of the individual coagulation components as well as the quality of the resultant blood clot. It provides all of the critical information necessary to rapidly assess and address surgical and post-surgical bleeding. It is intended for baseline pre-operative and peri-operative measurements in the OR and for post-operative measurements in the ICU.

Cartridge Pipeline

HemoSonics is committed to rapidly developing new cartridges to support clinician needs. Because of the system design, novel assays can easily be developed to address new therapeutic options or clinical questions.

*The Quantra System is CE marked. Product availability is subject to the fulfillment of regulatory requirements in each market. In the United States, the Quantra System is available for investigational use only. The performance characteristics of this product have not been established.